POER® | 珀爾電動船用推進器

- 2016-09-07 -

POER® | 珀爾電動船用推進器

憑著寧波AG亚游集团塑料有限公司(始於1958年)多年的生產經驗,AG亚游集团從2006年起開始研發POER® |珀爾電動船用推進器POER® |珀爾是塑料AG亚游集团之外的電機品牌。AG亚游集团的第一台推進器設計簡潔甚至不夠完善,但技術人員相信一台優秀的珀爾電動船用推進器在麵向消費者前,應經過無數次的改進或再設計,直到消費者滿意AG亚游集团的AG亚游集团為止。至2010年,共4個係列後操式、前進5檔後退兩檔、28-54磅有刷珀爾電動船用推進器進入市場並獲得消費者的認可。 

    POER® |珀爾獲得良好的口碑後,AG亚游集团開始擴大國內銷售份額,以建立品牌效應。AG亚游集团理解它不僅僅是個電動船用推進器,更是一個品牌影響力。同時,隨著歐洲市場對電動船用推進器需求量的增長,AG亚游集团的出口份額隨之上升,並獲得客戶的一致好評。

    “您的反饋是AG亚游集团最好的收獲”,AG亚游集团願意傾聽您提出的任何寶貴建議,以此繼續改進並研發更多的AG亚游集团。至2014年底,珀爾最新款大推力、高效的160 ~ 300 磅無級變速、無刷電動船用推進器已受到國內外消費者的喜愛。此款為VPM 係列,以較小的電流獲得更長的使用時間;采用最新的無刷電機技術,大大提高了電機的性能和可靠性;越來越多的城市需求低碳的生活方式,在養殖區或要求大推力的垂釣者間甚為流行。



Starting from year 2006, with its rich experience on manufacturing fields (since 1958), POER Electric Trolling Motor comes out. It's a motor brand of our factory besides other products. The first trolling motor is in simple design, our technical expert believes an excellent trolling motor should be improved or redesigned for many times before it in good condition. Then Till year 2010, totally 4 series classic transom mount electric trolling motors are launched to the market. Various thrusts from 28lbs to 54lbs, classic trolling motors with telescoping handle and 5 Forward /2 Reverse speed control. We get customer approval during this period. Then we expand our domestic market in China, to build its brand reputation .Because we understand we are no longer products, but also the brand power with customer service. Meanwhile, with the growing demand of trolling motors in Europe, we export to different countries and receive good praise from them.

"Your feedback is always our best rewards" We are willing to hear any news from our clients and consumers. Then, we continue to move forward. Until now (at the end of 2014),Our new digital power 160 lbs 300 lbs trolling motors are online and are popular in domestic and abroad .It’s called "Vari Power Max", which gives you the longer run time and with the smaller ampere that you can save much more battery to fish day after day. They’re designed in higher thrust and performance with digital power system, greatly improving in performance and reliability .They’re popular in aquaculture area and anglers who demand higher thrusts. Since many countries require low carbon lifestyle and no pollution in the water. The motor performance has been greatly improved compares to the previous basic styles.

Attitude is everything. We plan to bring more new products in the following years.

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